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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Getting Going

Well, here begins something I guess. Welcome to Kirsti Knits. I'm 36 years old, a happily "domestic-partnered" lesbian, from England originally, now living in Michigan. I work as a researcher at Wayne State University, and this blog is intended for me to vent about, moan about, enthuse about and show off, my latest creative venture.

Inspired by some friends online, I've decided to take up knitting. So I went out and bought myself Stich'n'Bitch, then hit Michaels for needles and yarn ... and several swatches and half a scarf later, I think I'm hooked. My current knitting goal is Jodi Green's 'Mariah' cardigan.. I love the celtic style knotwork. Of course, I've got a long way to go to get to there yet, but it's always nice to have a vision, right?

I tried to go to the local Royal Oak Stitch'n'Bitch meetup this past Monday, but nobody was there. *sniff*. I also signed up for the beginners classes at City Knits, which was last night. Suzie was just lovely, and figured that since I could cast on, knit and almost purl (she corrected my technique and it's going fine now), I could skip the first scarf and go directly to the hat. The shame was I'd picked out some nice heathered purple yarn which I'd love for a scarf, but am unlikely to wear for a hat. I much prefer green, to go with my red hair. Purple however, as you can probably tell from this colour scheme, is my current favourite. (I'm still tweaking this colour scheme from the default green. Haven't checked the comments yet. So if random green stuff shows up, I apologise!)

So anyway, I got started on the hat, and I'm now knitting on circular needles (go me!) and next week will learn the intricacies of "make 1". I'm somewhat tempted to go out and buy more yarn, green this time, and get a second hat on the go, which will obviously be better than this first attempt.

At 2:57 PM, Blogger jodi said...

Hey, welcome! Watch out, if you're anything like me this weblogging thing will take over your life.

I also "joined" the Detroit Stitch n bitch group, but haven't been able to manage getting to one of their meetings because I don't drive!

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Dixie said...

Hey there! I'm a buddy of Sally's and I had to dash over here on her recommendation.

I learned to knit when I was a kid and stopped for 25 years. A few months back I picked it back up again (with the help of Stich 'n Bitch) and haven't stopped knitting since.

Now I need to take some pictures of my completed things and stuff in progress and put them on my own blog.


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