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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Home from work, with camera. And seeing as it's such a nice day, and not 11pm which is usually when I'm photographing my knitting progress, you even get outside shots on our back step! The plus is that the colours are a pretty true match, though your monitor may vary. As per usual, clicking on any picture will open up a larger version.

Here's the amazing, magical, self-striping booga bag progress to date:

And squished flat so you can see the small base:

And the scarf. I've actually started the cabling bit, and I think it's all going well.

See? Daylight through the scarf! And you can mostly make out the pattern. The seed stitch is the bumpy bit making the border. The lacey bit is made by wrapping the yarn around (aka a yarnover) to make an extra stitch with a hole below it, and then knitting two stitches together (either purling them as one: p2t, or by slipping two stitches onto the other needle, then knitting them both together - slip, slip knit, or ssk. Which one depends if I'm knitting the front or back side. There. Knitspeak made easy.) Then in the middle is the cable. So far, it's made two twists.

Holes and twisted stitches... and it's all deliberate!

Here's the crocheted cast-on giving a nice neat edge to the piece (and it'll be even neater once it's blocked. I keep telling myself that):

And, in not-quite-so-clear-focus is the edge of the scarf. See how all the knitting into the back of the end stitch, then just slipping it on to the needle at the start of the next row is making a similar border to the crochet cast on? So pretty!

There. Now I'm off to sit in front of the TV and knit. Hmm. But what to work on? I think I'll try and get at least one more wave of poor neglected wavy scarf done.

At 4:55 AM, Blogger M and G said...

I'm really loving that bag! It's beautiful. The colors rock!
It's cool that your partner is a singer/songwriter. I've actually done quite a few solo cds and played pretty much all over the US as a solo artist. The band is a new deal for me. (well, actually having a "band name") I just decided one day that I was tired of the whole solo thing and wanted a more cohesive feel to the group. So this will be our first cd as a "band". Oh and we actually use ProTools in our home studio - and yes it can fix just about anything. lol Does your gf have anything online? I'd definately love to hear it!
Take Care!


At 12:40 PM, Blogger meelo said...

i know absolutely NOTHING about knitting, but your works are AWESOME! i'm a huge new fan! i'll be back to check in on your blog. you rock!

At 3:24 PM, Blogger Dixie said...

You don't hesitate a bit - you find a pattern you like and by golly you knit it! Why can't I be more adventuresome like you?

Am I done with my garter stich scarf yet? Of course not. I haven't knit in at least a week.

Maybe making some pictures of my stuff would be good motivation to get it finished.

At 10:43 PM, Anonymous Michelle said...

Hi, I'm Michelle. I met you at the monthly at City Knits. Anyway I found the yahoo group and saw your post there.
Your knitting is looking great! I wish I was doing as well. I keep unraveling everything I make.
I hope to make the weekly RO get together next week. Hope to see you then.
maybe I should try my hand at this blog stuff?

At 5:02 PM, Blogger GaiaGal said...


I'm warning you know, it's all Kirsti's fault that i dropped my crochet hook and picked the knitting needles up again, it all started with her blog and now i have about 30 other knitting blogs's a disease...come join us!!

I'm about 26 rows into my stockinette stitch working on 1 of 2 rectangles for my nieces poncho. I just taught myself how to purl last night. WooHoo!!!



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