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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Brief update, and TSPs 1 and 2

Quick post from England to say that all is going well, my sister and Oscar are both wonderful, and check out her blog for more updates.

And this also means that the Top Secret Projects that I've been blogging about have finally been given as gifts and so can be revealed to the world.

Here is the cabled hat I made for my nephew Oscar's first birthday as TSP 1, and here is the matching sweater that formed TSP 2.

The pattern was from "Top Down for Toddlers" by Deb and Lynda Gemell. Both pieces were knit in the round, so no sewing of seams, and the pattern was really well written and easy to follow.

The yarn was a 4 ply superwash wool from Shepherd yarns, in "oscar the grouch green", and was lovely to work with, very soft, unknit without splitting (thankfully) and blocked beautifully.

Oscar loved the hat - as you can see from the rest of the album, he kept it on for ages, and didn't pull it off like he usually does with hats.

So a success all round. Of course, now all my sister's friends are wanting duplicates for their babies .... what's the going price for a handknit baby sweater these days? ;)

I want to get a pic of my sister with TSPs 3 and 4 (and yes, 3 made it back from its stowaway inside Deb's Booga Bag to home, and then my wonderful wife sent it global priority to arrive here yesterday so I gave it to Sal this morning as the final part of her birthday present). Not sure if I'll have any time to update with those before I return on Friday, and I've certainly not had time to keep up with anyone else's blogs.

Sal, I see you tagged me with a three things meme - that'll also have to wait. The nephew takes absolute priority (and I'm only writing this coz he's sleeping right now.) The only remaining question is whether British Airways will have any food for my flight home in 2 days...

At 10:39 AM, Blogger CarryFairie said...

Holy Crow! SO cute! And an adorable nephew too!!! I might have to go find that book now...

At 2:28 PM, Blogger Nic said...


Would a complete beginner at cables be able to knit the hat> I love it and the idea that it is knitted on circulars because I hate seams!!
Airplane food? Who needs that eh??

At 4:08 PM, Blogger Katherine said...

Those cables are absolutely PERFECT! Kirsti, well done indeed! I love the color and I may have to go get that book too, seems like it's another wave of babies starting in my life (NOT me, so no jokes lol). It would be handy book for some great gifts! Enjoy the rest of your trip and we'll 'see' you in a few days!

At 5:27 PM, Blogger Dixie said...

Kirsti, you do the most beautiful work! I know that Sal and Oscar must be so happy with their wonderful gifts!

At 8:44 PM, Blogger GaiaGal said...

Ahem!! That was "Suz's Booga Bag" not my wife's! Sheesh!

She's never even met us in person and still mixes us up!! ROFL!!

So glad TSP3 found it's way to where it needed to be, even if it did take a side-trip.

I can post the picture of me wearing it now!! Heehee!!

~Suz~ ;)

At 9:17 PM, Anonymous callicrates said...

Will you explain to me sometime how you knit things so that it looks like the knotwork looks like it really does go over/under/over/under? That looks great!

At 10:54 PM, Blogger Mrs.Curvy said...

Wonderful work Kirsti! The cables are really lovely!! It's so beautiful on him also. I really love the green color you chose to make the set with. I know your sister and Oscar are really enjoy spending time with you. I am going to have to find that book now! (for gifts of course)!He..he..

At 9:50 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

OMG, how cute! The hat suits him to a T!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful flight home!

Love and Hugs,


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