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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Quick update

Just a brief, photo-less post to note that I've now been knitting and blogging about it for a month! Go me!

Memorial weekend was lazy and relaxing. We went to see the Revenge of the Sith on Friday night, then spent Saturday to Monday watching episodes IV, V and VI on DVD, to see how well they meshed together. Pretty good, apart from Leia talking about her memories of her "real mother" to Luke. Quite how she realised that her mother was "pretty, and somewhat sad" just after being born, and then held that memory to adulthood is beyond me. But it's probaby the power of the Force or something.

Knitting-wise, I've finished the second skein of wool on the body of the Booga Bag, so it's now about 60 rows. I took the advice of someone on the Knitty board and started on the i-cord for the handles. Then I'll be able to use all the remainder of the third skein for the bag. So I now have about 3 feet of i-cord, which is fun to knit, if kind of effortful to get it tight enough.

I made a mistake somewhere with the City Knits scarf - I think I dropped a yarnover.. either way, on the next row I found I had one too few stitches in one of the lace bits. Couldn't figure out how to fix it, so I just didn't decrease that row, to get it back to the right number again. I've stopped there - I may see if Lisa can fix it in class tomorrow. This is definitely the kind of knitting that demands your full attention.

And Wavy is now into its final repeat! 40 rows to go, then I'm done with this one. And, just in time to show off the finished piece, I've joined the Wavy Knit Along blog.

OK. Time to go get ready to teach. Midterm in 2 weeks, and I thoroughly intend to bring my knitting to class then!

At 4:26 PM, Blogger GaiaGal said...

It's about time you posted again!! I was getting lonely and felt like i was talking to myself!! ;)



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