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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Brief Christmas review

No pics, as I've not had time to upload any yet. Christmas was generally good - and Terry and my own "Boxing Day" Christmas was as perfect as anything could be. My knitted gifts were generally well received - I'd packaged them up with a little card giving the yarn, pattern and care instructions. Again, pictures will be posted. According to Terry, I did such a good job on making that look professional that most recipients ripped it off right with the wrapping paper, and had to be told to look at it, and that no, this was handmade for them!

Best gifts received ... a ball winder and swift from Terry. My sister, in an amazing display of psychic powers, got me "handmade by Kirsti" labels to sew into my knitting - the very design that I'd almost been tempted to order for myself. So yay Sal! And my mother got me a "frame knitting" kit, which has 4 different means for knitting using 5 sticks, a "French knitting" spool, a lucet for braid making, and a 10 peg frame for knitting tubes/socks, along with a really nice booklet explaining the history of knitting, mechanical knitting and frame knitting along with reproduction illustrations etc. Should be very fun to play with.

We've got friends visiting and are off to Ann Arbor as soon as I get showered and moving. It's wonderful wonderful to see Andy and Cat again - it's been much too long. And I'm not just saying that coz I know Andy reads this blog. (Hi Andy!) He also managed to find a great book of modern poetic retelling of the story of Inanna - one of the nicks I use a lot online, which I'm looking forward to delving into. Plus we've been eating lots of chocolate which is always good. Oh, and I knit 2 more pairs of fuzzy feet for gifts for them... *sigh*. I think I'm just addicted. Though I'm more than ready to get back to socks right now.

At 5:32 PM, Blogger Dixie said...

You scored some fabulous gifts and I know that those who received knitted gifts from you have equally fabulous things!

Have fun with your visitors!

At 4:17 PM, Blogger Procrastiknitter said...

Wow, I didnt get a THING that had to do with my knitting for Xmas unless you count the 12 skeins of Red Heart Yarn from my MIL! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year to you and yours.

At 1:18 PM, Blogger Jodipodi said...

A belated merry Xmas to you and a happy new year! I was gutted I only got a couple of knitting gifts :( I sense people don't take my new hobby seriously. Although Joby (my chap!) does, he bought me a new SnB book, another knitting and crochet book, 2 sets of bamboo needles!! whooohoo
Got some crap acrylic yarn from MIL, but she did get me a cool Cath Kidson bag to put one of my projects in, and some little bits n bobs. Oh and mum got me a knitting bag too, (but seriously, I needed more than that!! lol)

Can't wait to see your pics, sounds like you had a wonderful time! :)

Love Jodi xxxxxxxx


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